1. Instrumental solo album in the works

    The Distorting Mirror is a track from my first, forthcoming instrumental solo album outside of the boats. Recordings span as far back to 2006 and feature guest musicians such as Paul Guseli (drummer in the boats) and Rae Howell (Sunrae). The album will feature 9 tracks in total but this is a tiny preview of my album in progress. Rapture in Pieces will be released late 2014, after the second boats album ‘Segundo’ is finally released.

    Jona Byron: all guitars and instrumentation 
    Recorded and mixed by J. Byron

    The artwork is by the amazing French artist and friend, Karine Pollens. She has been very kind with her contributions.


  2. "Having known Jona for more than 10 years now, his passion for creativity in both songwriting and music production is entrenched in a perfectionist’s streak. Yet he knows well how vital it is to capture honesty in a performance and draws from a vast, growing range of influences."
    — Adam Dempsey (mastering engineer - Deluxe Mastering, September 2012)

  3. Dedications… new sounds from old ghosts


    Dedications is not an album, it’s one night in 2010. 

    In April 2010 the boats went into Irene’s Warehouse studio in Brunswick, Melbourne with Seth Rees (The Spheres, Amplifier Machine) and recorded a live improvisation of several pieces in front of a private audience. 

    The idea was to capture the band together before I left overseas to live in Berlin for 2 years. The session included some special guests such as Cathryn Kohn on violin and sometimes Seth and Noah Symons would jump up on the piano. 

    It was as a particularly moody evening as I had just returned from a friend’s funeral in Hobart literally a day before and so there was a lot of emotion in the air, also due to the fact that this would be the band’s last performance for a long time, and no one knew how long. Some of the jams were great and had a good energy such as ‘Don’t sleep, grasp the sky and scream!’ and ‘Falling…landing…leaving’ which was a 10 minute epic originally. 

    However, not everything went as planned, there were technical problems causing the recordings to stop and start, rendering many of the takes unusable, and so far the existing material has not yielded any hopes for an album, leaving me only a handful of beautiful moments to mix together. However, the result is haunting and melancholic. Soundzoo proudly presents these rare recordings for your listening pleasure.

    Dedications is for Rose Lerchbacher who died April 2010. 

    Nick Conolly - guitar, piano

    Jona Byron - guitar, piano

    Paul Guseli - drums

    Seth Rees - piano

    Cathryn Kohn - violin

    Recorded by Seth Rees at Irene’s Warehouse, April 2010. Mixed/mastered by J. Byron, Nov 2012.


  4. The Major Pins - Wreckage of Love

    In Berlin during mid 2011 I was hired to help complete a massive album project, recording overdubs, arranging, producing and mixing the debut album by Berlin band The Major Pins. Eventually, due to my own time constrictions I had to step away from the project and it was passed to Yensin Jahn to completeKatharina Gade is a very talented singer songwriter and it was great to be involved in helping shape her album. This is just one out of many tracks I was involved in, which I recently remixed in Berlin. 


  5. Douglas First / Tide EP

    The last production in Berlin I was responsible for, was a collaboration with French artist; Fabien Thomas’s project ‘Douglas First’. I was involved in the project as producer and sound engineer, however also performed with Fabien live in Europe and added bass, piano, guitar and sound effects to the album. 

    Check out ‘Whipping Wind’ and you can purchase the EP ‘Tide’ here.